How To List All Installed Package In Linux?

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It’ really a small trick to know all installed package in your linux (ubuntu/rhel/centos..etc) ,

This command list all package with their description, generally it’s installed by default, when you install os, otherwise you can install bu using “yum or apt-get “,

[kapil@server1~] $ dpkg -l              ==> list all installed packege.


||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  kubuntu-artwor 6.06-21        kubuntu artwork for usplash
ii  kubuntu-defaul 6.06-21        Default settings and artwork for the Kubuntu
pn  kubuntu-deskto <none>         (no description available)
ii  kubuntu-docs   6.06-11        kubuntu documentation
ii  kubuntu-grub-s 2.1            grub splashimages for Kubuntu
ii  kubuntu-konque 0.3-0ubuntu1   Konqueror shortcuts for the Ubuntu wiki and

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