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Application Server / Linux

Remove definers from MySQL DUMP in Linux

Dump file created using mysqldump in Linux, includes a clause named “DEFINER”. As of now there is no way to exclude this clause in mysqldump. So whenever you’ll restore this database to another database, it’ll through a error related to Definer clause. What happens, whoever has [created/executed SP/functions] on DB using his login details, it … Continue reading

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Install Xampp/Lampp on Linux (RHEL/CentOS)

Install Xampp/Lampp on Linux (RHEL/CentOS) Xampp is a free web server software, which includes MySQL, PHP, and Perl. Or in Linux , we can call it lampp. So lets go ahead for installation of xampp 1.8.2: 1) Download the xampp 1.8.2 zipped file from [root@linux]# cd /opt ; wget 2) Install xampp [root@linux]# … Continue reading

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Licensed Platform / Linux / Networking / Solaris / Windows

The Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL

This serious security vulnerability affects any software using the OpenSSL library, whether as a client or a server allowing an attacker to extract information from the system memory. This may include past traffic or other private information and will often include the system’s private keys. You should immediately change your password on Gmail,yahoo & Facebook … Continue reading

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Linux / Application Server

Install and Configure Jetty on Linux

Jetty is a java based HTTP server & servlet container. It’s free and open source project of Eclipse Foundation. The current recommended version for use is Jetty 9 which can be obtained here: Jetty Downloads. Jetty can be easily embedded in devices, tools, frameworks, application servers, and clusters. So, let’s start the installation process: Download jetty … Continue reading

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cPanel / Linux

Install RKhunter on Linux

RKhunter (Root Kit Hunter), If you’re a web server admin, then definitely you’re aware of malwares, DDOS, and many more hidden securities issue. Rkhunter (Rootkit Hunter) is an open source Unix/Linux based scanner tool for Linux systems released under GPL that scans backdoors, rootkits and local exploits on your systems. It scans hidden files, wrong permissions set on … Continue reading

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